Saturday, December 30

Displaying Travel Memories with Photowall

Something I am very guilty of is taking a lot of pictures of my travels. Something I'm not very good at, is actually doing anything with said images. I have made it my aim over the past few weeks to get lots of of these images printed and displayed. I was really excited to collaborate with Photowall and they offered to send me a canvas print of my choice.
Photowall has a huge range of their own images that you can get printed from scenery to quotes but there is also the option to upload your own image.

I chose a beautiful picture I took of Milford Sound in New Zealand back in early April. You can read all about my trip over here!The UploadThe website is really easy to use and you can check exactly what your image will look like with the editing function, it will also tell you how good the quality is. I was really worried about this as the image itself is actually an iPhone picture but it looks amazing in person - I absolutely love it!The ArrivalI received my package within a week which is pretty good, considering it comes all the way from Sweden! The canvas comes rolled up with a DIY wooden frame to put together. Even I found this really easy to do as a DIY novice and they give you step-by-step instruction on how to do it.
A Discount Code
If you want to purchase your own print or wall mural I have a great discount for 20% off.
Use my code: pwkathandcakecampaign2017 - valid until 27th February 2018 for 20% off all products on the Photowall website.

* I was kindly gifted the canvas print in exchange for a blogpost but all my opinions are my own*


Tuesday, December 5

Travel | 7 Websites & Apps you need for SE Asia

I may have mentioned a few times I spent 11 weeks in SE Asia, what you didn't know? Maybe you should read this post, oh and this post and then you'll be caught up... I'm breaking up the travel itinerary/what we got up to posts with a list of the best apps and websites that were so incredibly helpful whilst we were away.

Friday, November 10

Where to go in Vietnam | Our 3 week itinerary

Continuing our 11 week journey around South East Asia, from Phnom Penh we booked a bus to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). It pretty much took up the whole day and our e-visas caused a lot more hassle than they were worth, especially as it had taken us SO long to get them. But we persevered and finally made it to a very noisy and busy Ho Chi Minh City.


Monday, November 6

Where to go in Cambodia | Our 2 week itinerary

I have finally returned from 11 weeks in South East Asia. I actually got back over a month ago but have been manically applying for jobs and just generally trying to sort my life out. It already feels like none of this ever happened so it was really good to refresh my memory by looking back at my pictures and chatting to my travel buddy about all the crazy things that happened but only we understand. But enough about that, here is my 2 week itinerary for Cambodia...


Friday, June 2

A 2 week interrail itinerary for Eastern Europe

Way back at the beginning of August last year I was seriously craving getting away, having just finished university and starting my temp job (who by the way were super nice to let me have 2 weeks off after only being there for 2 weeks!) and luckily I had another friend with a plan. This was my first trip where I wasn't in complete control which I've got to say was quite difficult for the control freak within me. I've also got to admit I had no interest with going/no clue these places existed. As I'm never one to turn down a holiday I took the risk and although not as relaxing as I wanted it was still so much fun and so cool to explore some new places.
I'm calling this an inter-rail trip but we actually ended up getting more buses than trains due to the access round the countries we went to so we didn't buy a pass like the one I got for Western Europe.
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