Sunday, March 23

Lifestyle: The Happiness Diaries #1

I will openly admit that I am a very negative person so I thought a regular post about things that have made me happy in the past week will allow me to ignore those negative thoughts and appreciate the little things. The photo above was taken on a walk with my parents on Saturday, I don't think this particular sheep was happy with being my model.

1. Being at home. Family, free food, my double bed and constant hugs... what's not to love. I'm now back at uni and trying not to miss all these things too much.

2. Baking. Baking at home especially with the addition of the new Kitchen Aid that my mum just bought. Cake, cake and more cake!

3. Finishing an essay. Especially when it was on the least thrilling topic, observational methods be gone.

4. Watching Suits. Why have I not seen this before? So good.

5. Daffodils. They're all over my garden at home, a sign that Spring is on it's way. Can it stop raining now?

6. Exercise. I never thought I would say that but I went to an 'Ab Attack' class on Friday with my mum and am definitely feeling the burn now. For some reason this makes me want to make exercise a regular thing... Not sure how this fits in with the baking, oops.


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