Tuesday, April 29

Recipe: Healthy Pancakes

Whilst I was at home I decided to test out a few recipes. It's still pancake day in my house and I think I've perfected my pancake recipe and possibly made them healthy? These are really versatile as you can serve them with whatever topping you fancy. They are like a hybrid of american pancakes and crepes, thin but fluffy.


Sunday, April 27

The Happiness Diaries #6

So I'm finally back up north and guess what, it's warmer than the midlands! Who knew? So I'm back to juggling lectures, essay writing and revision tomorrow and all the Easter eggs have gone. *sad face* Never fear as I'm back to the midlands on Thursday as I'm seeing McBusted on Saturday! I can't wait!
1. 5 hour catch ups. This probably proves I shouldn't leave massive gaps between seeing people because then we wouldn't have way too much to talk about.


Thursday, April 24

Fashion: Hey, I got my new shoes on

On a recent shopping trip when I wasn't intending to buy anything I bought 3 pairs of shoes. Now if anyone knows me well they'll know, I NEVER BUY SHOES. I hate shoe shopping with a passion, it usually involves trying to work out whether a pair fits whilst the two shoes are attached with a minuscule bit of elastic meaning you can't walk properly. Rant over, on to the shoes...

Bargainous boots I'd been eyeing up in H&M reduced to an incredible £7. Similar: here


Tuesday, April 22

Lifestyle: Wahaca, Covent Garden

I'm slowly getting through my list of restaurants that I want to go to in London. After amazing burgers at Honest last week, next up was Wahaca.
Set up by the winner of Masterchef in 2007, Wahaca is restaurant serving Mexican street food and boy is it good. It's all made fresh and includes avocados so a massive thumbs up already!
Thankfully there was no wait for food as my stomach was rumbling after watching Once, the musical. The lovely waitress showed us what the menu was all about and left us to decide...


Sunday, April 20

The Happiness Diaries #5

First of all, Happy Easter!! I hope you've all eaten your body weight in chocolate today! This week once again has flown by and with a bizarre turn of events I seem to have taken up running with one of my friends and am now in need of new running shoes - recommendations welcome? I also had my first cream tea of the year - these two things probably don't go well together..
What else?

1. Ben's Cookies. I mentioned these earlier in the week but I went back again. I'm so glad I don't have one near me as nothing could stop me going everyday!


Thursday, April 17

Lifestyle: Springtime in London

After a bright and early start last Thursday, I met one of my coursemates, Beth, on the train on route to London. It's so strange that we go to a university 100 miles away but only live 10 minutes away from each other at home, it's a small world!

Anyway, after a 2 hour journey we arrived in the big city which was surprisingly warm! Instead of taking the tube to meet our other friends in Camden we walked via Regent's Park.


Tuesday, April 15

Recipe: Creme Egg Brownies

I made these at uni with my flatmate but there are already plans to make these again this week with my home friends.

Sunday, April 13

Lifestyle: The Happiness Diaries #4

This week has been so much fun.

1. A fab trip to London to see some of the uni lot. Honest Burgers and Ben's Cookies, oh my word the best food ever.


Friday, April 11

Beauty: Beauty Wants #1

1. Dr Bronner's Organic Peppermint Castile Liquid Soap. I've heard so many good things about this for cleaning makeup brushes so once I've ran out of baby shampoo I think this will be my next purchase.

Thursday, April 10

Recipe: Chocolate Fudge Cake

For my brother's 21st on Sunday I made a winner of a cake already approved by my flatmates at uni! The balance of icing and cake is just right (well I think so anyway) and everyone said they enjoyed it. I can't guarantee this is particularly good for you though...

Tuesday, April 8

Lifestyle: A 21st Birthday

Time is flying by. My big brother has now reached the grand old age of 21! Celebrations were small but really nice on his actual birthday (Sunday) although he's off to Amsterdam next week which I'm sure will be very different and lots of fun.

The day started very late as the birthday boy had been at the pub the night before. I arranged all the presents downstairs wrapped in Thomas the tank engine wrapping paper obviously!! I also made some bunting a couple of weeks ago which I was going to stick his name on but I thought they looked great without. The big box is a Nespresso coffee machine because every student needs coffee and as he's nearly graduating he can upgrade his coffee from Sainsbury's basics right...

Sunday, April 6

Lifestyle: The Happiness Diaries #3

This week has been a whirlwind. The beginning of the week consisted of presentation panic and then celebrating the fact it was over. On Wednesday I went to the varsity ice hockey match which marked the end of Sheffield Varsity 2014. The ice hockey was a lot of fun to watch and although Uni of lost, we won the Varsity overall so it's not all bad! After a night out after the game it was back to the Midlands for three weeks.
So far I've managed to catch up with so many of my home friends and I can't wait to see the rest of them in the week coming. It was also my big brother's birthday today so a huge happy birthday to him!


Thursday, April 3

Beauty: Handbag essentials

I can't say I carry around many beauty items with me during the day, usually because I'm in so much of a rush in the morning. Two things I always keep to hand (ha, geddit) are from Soap & Glory.


Tuesday, April 1

Sheffield: Fancie, Ecclesall Road

It was a long, stressful week last week with the impending presentation for me and placement for my flatmate Rachel. Not only was Rachel going on placement but also leaving us for a month which meant a visit to Fancie was in order.

Having only briefly walked past in the first week of university, it had been on my list of places to visit. Rachel, of course, being the social butterfly that she is had been before.

After much deliberation over the cake menu. We decided to split a Chocolate Truffle and Banana & Sticky Toffee as we couldn't decide and hot chocolates with cream and marshmallows (obviously).

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