Thursday, April 24

Fashion: Hey, I got my new shoes on

On a recent shopping trip when I wasn't intending to buy anything I bought 3 pairs of shoes. Now if anyone knows me well they'll know, I NEVER BUY SHOES. I hate shoe shopping with a passion, it usually involves trying to work out whether a pair fits whilst the two shoes are attached with a minuscule bit of elastic meaning you can't walk properly. Rant over, on to the shoes...

Bargainous boots I'd been eyeing up in H&M reduced to an incredible £7. Similar: here

Wedges/Flatforms from Primark. Available in other colours: £10
Chunky Heels from Primark. £12
I also added these little pumps to my bag on a recent peruse of ASOS. Reduced to £11.50 here.

That's probably the most shoes I've bought in a year... Is it just me?

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  1. I love those chunky heels! So cute! And could work with so many outfits!



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