Thursday, April 17

Lifestyle: Springtime in London

After a bright and early start last Thursday, I met one of my coursemates, Beth, on the train on route to London. It's so strange that we go to a university 100 miles away but only live 10 minutes away from each other at home, it's a small world!

Anyway, after a 2 hour journey we arrived in the big city which was surprisingly warm! Instead of taking the tube to meet our other friends in Camden we walked via Regent's Park.

It was so pretty in the sunshine and a really nice relief from the hustle and bustle of the city.

We then had a little browse around Camden and met with Camilla and Lalsa. I then spotted an Honest Burgers and managed to persuade them that we had to go! I've heard so many good things so I couldn't wait to try it.

I went for Cheddar Cheese option.

It was possibly the best burger I've ever had and after a disappointing visit to GBK the night before I was so happy to have a decent burger. (The chips are really good too!)

We then got a little bit touristy and took the tube to London Bridge. We did go to Borough Market but I forgot to get my camera out as I was so intrigued by all the food, definitely glad I was too full to buy anything as I would have bought everything!

After crossing the bridge, we went to St Paul's which I'm pretty sure I've not been really close to since I was little and also went past the Royal Courts of Justice.
We walked to Trafalgar Square to have a little sit down and soak up the rays.
On the way to the shops we went through a bustling Leicester Square where everyone was waiting for the Spiderman premiere. We debating waiting for Andrew Garfield but the shops were calling.
A mid-shopping break was at Ben's Cookies, Camilla promised amazing cookies and she was so right! I'm craving them so much right now! FYI we shared a Ben's Box but my favourite was definitely the triple choc!
Me and Beth said goodbye to the others and grabbed some train food for our late train home. It was such a lovely day, I can't wait to see all my uni friends again soon!

I'm actually on to London right now so I'm sure I'll share that with you soon!


  1. Gorgeous photos, London in the sun is amazing. Have a lovely trip down today!

    1. Thank you so much! It was another lovely day :)


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