Sunday, April 6

Lifestyle: The Happiness Diaries #3

This week has been a whirlwind. The beginning of the week consisted of presentation panic and then celebrating the fact it was over. On Wednesday I went to the varsity ice hockey match which marked the end of Sheffield Varsity 2014. The ice hockey was a lot of fun to watch and although Uni of lost, we won the Varsity overall so it's not all bad! After a night out after the game it was back to the Midlands for three weeks.
So far I've managed to catch up with so many of my home friends and I can't wait to see the rest of them in the week coming. It was also my big brother's birthday today so a huge happy birthday to him!

Onto what's made me happy this week...

1. Baking. After making a birthday cake yesterday I decided one cake wasn't enough and made a lemon drizzle cake too!

2. Long hot baths. This is definitely what I miss the most when I'm at uni... I may have to start limiting myself.

3. Having friends that I know I can rely even when they're hundreds of miles away. When we all come back together it's like we've never been apart. *cringe*

4. Remembering that life is too short to care about what everyone's thinking. Also that most of the time they actually aren't thinking about anything to do with you.

5. Planning a trip to London this week to see some of the uni lot! I'm so excited to see them and get exploring, I'm sure I'll blog about it. Best of luck to my other friends hitchhiking to Croatia this week!!

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