Sunday, April 20

The Happiness Diaries #5

First of all, Happy Easter!! I hope you've all eaten your body weight in chocolate today! This week once again has flown by and with a bizarre turn of events I seem to have taken up running with one of my friends and am now in need of new running shoes - recommendations welcome? I also had my first cream tea of the year - these two things probably don't go well together..
What else?

1. Ben's Cookies. I mentioned these earlier in the week but I went back again. I'm so glad I don't have one near me as nothing could stop me going everyday!

2. Sorting through the past. I found so many hilarious things yesterday whilst I was 'helping' my parents clear out the loft. Old birthday cards, photographs, pen pal letters and most notably a certificate of excellence for being a no. 1 Harry Potter fan from my childhood friend Emily (read her blog here).

3. Once, the musical. On Thursday, I jumped on a train down to London with my mum to see a relatively new musical, Once. It was so different to other musicals on the West End and although I was slightly disappointed with the ending the rest was fantastic. Arthur Darvill was playing the lead and possibly may have been the reason we wanted to go *Doctor Who fan alert* but he really was brilliant, as were the rest of the cast. Go see it, if you get the chance!

Now back to the essay writing I should be doing...

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