Sunday, April 27

The Happiness Diaries #6

So I'm finally back up north and guess what, it's warmer than the midlands! Who knew? So I'm back to juggling lectures, essay writing and revision tomorrow and all the Easter eggs have gone. *sad face* Never fear as I'm back to the midlands on Thursday as I'm seeing McBusted on Saturday! I can't wait!
1. 5 hour catch ups. This probably proves I shouldn't leave massive gaps between seeing people because then we wouldn't have way too much to talk about.

2. Googlebox. Thanks to my best friends for giving me another programme I never want to miss. I laughed so much.

3. Sunny Sheffield. I'll be pretty happy with being back if the nice weather sticks around.

4. Macaroni Cheese. The food of gods. Can I have this everyday please? yum yum yum

A slightly more relaxed week than the previous couple of weeks but fun nonetheless.

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