Thursday, May 8

A Bank Holiday Weekend Part 2 ft. Hardwick Hall and The Peaks

Sunday and Monday of my Bank Holiday Weekend included the most amount of National Trust properties I've been to in the past 3 years. We used to go to loads when we were younger but then I decided it wasn't 'cool' in my teenage years. I'm now really interested in them (am I getting old?) and the weather was pretty good too which always makes it better.

We started at the Workhouse in Southwell where my dad did try and leave me behind as part of infirm residents (ha ha he's a comedian.) It was really interesting especially as I'm currently studying a module about the Welfare State so it felt like a mini field trip. I would recommend the audio guide as the rooms don't really have much in them and it gave a good insight into what it was like (pretty horrible if you ask me - but supposedly better than other workhouses).

We then had a mini picnic in the grounds of the Workhouse and decided to head somewhere else for ice cream.
We ended up at Hardwick Hall where there was actually a food festival, separate to the hall. I was quite gutted we had already eaten as it would have been nice to try something there. We didn't go in as we didn't want to be tempted, it was also ridiculously busy!

After grabbing an ice cream from the cafe, we took a stroll round the gardens of the property and I employed my photographer (dad) to take a half-decent photograph of me, it only took 9 attempts...

When we finally made it to Sheffield we were pretty hungry and after originally deciding on Zizzi's which ended up being an hour wait for a table we ended up in Piccalino's. It was such a lovely meal where we were able to sit on the 'terrace' but I managed to forget to take any pictures. I had the crab linguini which I really recommend.

My parents stayed at the Leopold Hotel which they said was really good and it's also very central so good for the shops! I stayed in my classy establishment (student halls)

On Monday we drove into the Peak District. We stopped off at Eyam Hall which we had a look round and then had a cheeky scone.

After we tried to find somewhere to park (don't try this on a bank holiday) near Stanage Edge to go for a little walk.
It was such a lovely day and I really did love getting out into the Peak District as I don't appreciate that it's right on my doorstep here. I've only got a few weeks left of this semester so hopefully I can get out there in the midst of exam and coursework stress!


  1. Good luck with your exams! I know what you mean about getting out into the Peaks, I think in three years in Sheffield I never made it out there once (although I'm not that outdoorsy so maybe that's not a surprise). My mum and sister went to Southwell Workhouse and my mum ended up with a broken audio guide so my sister ended up narrating and explaining what all the empty rooms were!

    1. Thank you! It's so silly because there are plenty of buses that go there, I just never find the time! Oh wow that must have been a nightmare, it was strange as nobody was really talking all the way round!


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