Friday, June 20

Travel: A Rainy Trip to York

I've now moved out of my university halls *sad face* (half my stuff is still there as it wouldn't fit in the car) and i'm trying to manoeuvre around all the junk I've collected in my bedroom at home! But let's take a little trip down memory lane when me and 2 friends ventured to York a couple of weeks ago.
It didn't start well with the whole hour drive there in torrential rain but thankfully it calmed down once we arrived!
We didn't have very long as some of us had a bit of a lie in - oops. We wandered round the shops, Topshop was conveniently located by the Merchant Adventurers' Hall and being with two architects there were lots of ooo's and aah's even though they've been before.

We went through The Shambles (how cute are they?!) to go to the Minster whilst diverting through the sweet shops of course!
Then came a craving for cake and I saw a lovely little van with a vast array of cupcakes inside - yum! They all looked absolutely delicious so I asked for their recommendation - the brownie cupcake. Absolutely delicious and I really recommend it if you're too stingy to pay to look round the Minster itself as you could sit outside and take it all in - if only it wasn't raining!
A last little stroll past Betty's - I've been to the one in Harrogate years ago but would really love to again, people were queuing even in the rain!
I had such a lovely day in York, it's such a beautiful city. Please can I go back soon?

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