Monday, July 28

Travel: Glastonbury Tor and Abbey

On the way back from Exeter, Dad decided we'd stop in Glastonbury and climb a really steep hill in 25 degree heat... thanks Dad!
Joking aside it was actually a really nice day and the view was incredible. It's also probably not as steep in reflection but the heat was intense.

 It seemed appropriate to take a few selfies as that seems to be my dad's new favourite word. 
 Does anyone know what flower this is? I thought it was incredible.
The actual town of Glastonbury was so nice and chilled and just makes me want to go to Glastonbury Festival although I know that's not based in Glastonbury itself. We went to the Hundred Monkeys cafe which was really nice and we noticed on the way out that it was Trip Advisor recommended. 
I would really recommend the walk up Glastonbury Tor because the views are second to none on a beautiful day. 

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