Monday, October 20

Sheffield: The Wick at Both Ends

Catch ups with my flatmate from last year seems to always revolve around food! Next on our hit list was The Wick at Both Ends, found tucked between the student bars on West Street.

First up were cocktails, of course!

I went for 'This is a Smile' - Gin, Lychee liqueur and pomegranate juice, and Zoe went for 'Seven Hills' - strawberry and apple juices with vodka. Both were delicious and I loved the addition of flowers and sweets.

Onto food - Roast Belly pork with cabbage mash, roasted apple and fennel chutney for me and Beer battered Pollock and chips with pea puree for Zoe.
I absolutely adored my pork, it was perfectly cooked and although I would usually love more crackling,  I can't actually eat it at the moment so this was quite enough. The only issue I have was the measly amount of sauce I got - give me a massive jug of gravy please!

Obviously we had dessert...
Sticky toffee pudding with custard. Again this was really lacking on the custard front, it was watery and there was very little of it. The cake itself was pretty good and I ate it pretty quickly - please sir can I have some more?
Zoe's chocolate brownie was massive! I tried it - it was pretty impressive and the homemade ice-cream was lovely.
For just under £20 each including a tip, I would say The Wick at Both Ends is brilliant value for money. With just a few little tweaks on the sauce front this would be one of my favourite places to eat in Sheffield. The rest of the menu looked really wholesome and relatively healthy, I believe this was the Summer menu so I assume they'll be changing it up soon.

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