Friday, October 17

Home: Uni Room Decoration

I spent most of my 1st year with bare walls in my university accommodation as I really  didn't feel like I'd settled in. However, this is probably one of the most important parts to making it feel like you live there most of the year. So this year, when we moved into our house (which by the way is so much nicer than halls) I decided to get decorating straight away.

My most recent decor change was to the bright blue pin board - I bought some fabric from eBay and covered the pin board and now it looks so much better! I thought i'd make a display of my necklaces as I have nowhere to store them.

Rather than use blu tack which leaves marks all over the walls and you may not get your deposit back, I used washi tape which I bought from ebay here
 My favourite animals are penguins so last year my mum bought me some custom-made bunting.
 I absolutely adore the wooden box that my brother bought me for my birthday - unfortunately I cannot work out what to put in it nor do I know where he got it from!
Bunting - KittysBunting
Makeup storage - Muji
Flower pot and flowers - Ikea
Kilner jars - Ikea
Cacti - Ikea
Material - eBay
Washi tape - eBay
Bedding - M&S
Cushions - Ikea & Primark

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