Friday, February 27

Travel: A Trip to Dublin Part 1

There was a time a couple of months ago where we were all feeling a bit down with all the work we had to do so we booked a holiday to Dublin for mid-February - forgetting that not only was this Valentine's Day (that's fine, we're all single) but also the Rugby Union. Cue, a very busy Dublin with couples and the French!
This aside, it was a really lovely trip and a welcome relief after all our exams and other goings-on.

After arriving very late on Thursday, we went straight to bed to wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed for a day of sightseeing. We stayed at Generator Hostel, a chain I've previously stayed at in Berlin and Hamburg. It was situated near the Jameson Distillery and although not right in the centre it was easy to walk everywhere and meant we were closer to the Guinness Brewery and the Zoo but I'll get to that in the next post!


Wednesday, February 25

Sheffield: Recent Foodie Finds

Blogging took a bit of a (extended!) hiatus over Christmas, then exams etc. but that didn't stop me from eating out (a lot).

The Great Gatsby
Following my return to Sheffield pre-exams at the end of January, I was treated to a meal out at The Great Gatsby. Having not been back since my first year for food I was excited to get a decent burrito. Burritos aren't the most photogenic foods and alas I only had my iPhone. Whilst I went for the Chipotle Chicken, my parents went for the Pulled Pork. There were smiles all round accompanied by very full stomachs - and I was ready to attack my exams. (If only I could have had a cocktail...)
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