Monday, March 30

A Coffee Morning for The Neuroblastoma Society

On Friday, my Mum and I decided to host a coffee morning for the Neuroblastoma Society - a charity extremely close to our hearts that raises money to fund research to fight Neuroblastoma, a childhood cancer and offers support for families affected.
I spent the whole of Wednesday baking which I absolutely loved and now everyone wants me to set up a tea shop which is as good a compliment as any!

Wednesday, March 25

Belated Mother's Day Afternoon Tea

This post has got later and later in the making but it's finally here. I didn't get to go home for Mother's Day as my Mum was picking me up 3 days later for my Easter Holidays. Somewhere I've been wanting to try for ages is Jameson's Cafe and Tea Room, it's a couple of miles away from where I live in Sheffield so is easiest accessed by car as I can't get a direct bus. Therefore I thought it was the perfect opportunity to go last Wednesday.

Wednesday, March 4

Lifestyle: The Larder, Leamington Spa

Last weekend I was home for the weekend, this tends to be at least every month for me as if you didn't know I have braces. It means I have to do the 100 mile trek home for a 10 minute appointment so hopefully I'll be rid of them soon. Obviously it's lovely to see my parents just a shame I can't choose exactly when I want to come home! So whilst I was home this time my mum and I decided to take a trip down memory lane for her and explore a new area for me.
My Mum did her degree at Warwick University (a while ago!) and so lived in Leamington Spa, I've never been and I love to look round new places.

We found a lovely coffee shop on Portland Street, a couple of minutes away from all the shops.
The Larder, a family business offering homemade bread, quiche, cake and more. There was so much choice we took a while to decide. We arrived at the right time however, as after we sat down a long queue began to form.


Monday, March 2

Travel: A Trip to Dublin Part 2

As promised here is what we got up to on the rest of our trip in Dublin. Even though we all hate beer, we thought we couldn't go to Dublin without trying Ireland's black liquid gold and where better than Guinness Storehouse. We practically followed a lorry transporting the good stuff all the way to the factory.
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