Wednesday, March 4

Lifestyle: The Larder, Leamington Spa

Last weekend I was home for the weekend, this tends to be at least every month for me as if you didn't know I have braces. It means I have to do the 100 mile trek home for a 10 minute appointment so hopefully I'll be rid of them soon. Obviously it's lovely to see my parents just a shame I can't choose exactly when I want to come home! So whilst I was home this time my mum and I decided to take a trip down memory lane for her and explore a new area for me.
My Mum did her degree at Warwick University (a while ago!) and so lived in Leamington Spa, I've never been and I love to look round new places.

We found a lovely coffee shop on Portland Street, a couple of minutes away from all the shops.
The Larder, a family business offering homemade bread, quiche, cake and more. There was so much choice we took a while to decide. We arrived at the right time however, as after we sat down a long queue began to form.

I went for the Smoked Salmon with celeriac remoulade in a brioche bun whilst Mum had the 'Fried Chicken' Sandwich all washed down with 2 cappuccinos.
I then sneakily had a slice of Carrot cake afterwards which was absolutely divine.
I can't wait to go back to Leamington Spa as there were so many independent cafes that I really want to try and the area is rather grand with lovely buildings (and good shops!).

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