Saturday, May 30

Couch 2 5K: An Update

So I may have neglected the blog ever so slightly lately (I've got 4 exams coming up in the next two weeks!) but I have managed to keep up with my running, just about anyway.
After a pain in my knee at the end of week 3, I took a week off to recover. I'm finally back on track and I'm up to week 6 of the plan which I completed this morning.
I completed a couple of week 4 runs again just to get me back up to speed after taking a break, I was also at home where there are less hills than Sheffield so it was slightly(!) easier.
The end of Week 5 was a full 20 minute jog after a 5 minute warm up and it was difficult! Although I had to slow down a few times I managed to finish it so I was super proud of myself. I need to vary my routes up a bit at home as I know my half way point which can be a bit off-putting!
I'm back in the hills and determined to keep up the running, squeezing it in between revision which has meant some very early mornings. I've definitely found I run best in the mornings and it also means I don't see anyone (except the odd dog walker) which as good as I go a lovely shade of tomato-red. I'm also going to try and track my runs so I can see how far I'm actually getting (I estimated it to be about 4k last week!) so if anyone has any app recommendations for that please let me know!

I'll be back with another update once my exams are over. Hope you're all well!

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