Tuesday, May 5

Current Favourites #1

It's May, where did April go?! Well rather than monthly favourites, here's some things I've been loving lately.
Essie Nail Polish in Cute as Button
Absolutely love this colour, Essie seems to be the only one that's not chipping on my nails at the moment so that's a good enough excuse to go and pick up some more colours. You can see the colour on my nails on instagram here.

H&M Sports Bra
This goes alongside the Couch25K I've challenged myself with, I picked up this a couple of months ago and it gives me the right amount of support for running (I'm not particularly blessed in that department). Also can we just appreciate that this matches the nail polish?!

Escentrics Molecules Molecule 01 Perfume
This is widely discussed on the blogosphere but not so much outside of it. For those that don't know this is a perfume made of a single molecule, hence the name, and it smells different on everyone so I can't really describe it. I tend to get more compliments on this than any other perfume so it's a winner in my eyes.

The Sheffield Cook Book
I actually won this in a raffle a couple of weeks ago and I was super excited. It's compiled of all the great independent businesses in Sheffield and is such a great read. I haven't had the chance to make anything out of yet but there's so much I want to try. Also the photography is absolutely fantastic.

Taylors of Harrogate Peppermint Tea
I got into tea about this time last year - I say tea, I mean herbal tea, I can't stand actual tea (sorry!) My dad suggested peppermint tea and it's still a firm favourite. I prefer this over Twinings' offering and possibly even Teapigs(!), mostly because Teapigs is not good for a student budget.

Modern Family
Finally a programme I've been meaning to watch from the beginning. I used to catch a few episodes on Sky but really wanted to watch it all from the start. I'm up to date and I absolutely love it, although now I don't know what to do with myself - any recommendations of similar things to watch?

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