Friday, July 3

Lifestyle: Hello July

Bit of a delayed post as I honestly didn't realise it was July when I woke up on the 1st and my dad said "pinch, punch first of the month" (quite the tradition with me and my dad with me usually beating him to it!)

June disappeared in a flurry of exam and moving out stress and coming back home to see my wonderful bunch of friends. What I love is that I can go months without seeing some people and it's like they haven't changed a bit.
I'm really excited for the next few weeks as preparations are in full swing for a trip to the West Coast of America with one of my best buds Emily. I'm super excited as we've finally got all the finer details down and we'll be away for much of August. We're going on a Trek America trip which I have a pretty good feeling is going to be amazing, having been on a trip with their sister company Grand American Adventures round Canada a couple of years ago. I'll be sure to blog about it and I'm trying to get lots of posts planned at the moment as I've really missed blogging these past few weeks. 
I'm currently suffering with a bad bout of hayfever/conjunctivitis so haven't been able to appreciate the #UKHeatwave as much as I had hoped (thankfully it's cooled down a bit now!)
For now,  I just want to see if anyone has any recommendations for things to do/see/eat in LA, Las Vegas and San Francisco as those are the main places we're going to?

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