Monday, July 6

Sheffield: Mayfield Alpaca Farm

This is a throwback post to a couple of weeks ago when we'd finally all finished our exams and the weather was beautiful! We decided on a trip to see the Alpacas and other animals at Mayfield Alpaca Farm. Ideally located, only a 15 minute drive from our house it was a perfect. For the reasonable price of £3.50 you can access the whole farm and we ended up having the places to ourselves - I only wish we had bought a picnic. You can also purchase some food to feed the alpacas which they definitely seemed to appreciate as one came bounding up to us rather fast when we shook the bag of food.

I would thoroughly recommend it for an afternoon (and don't forget to get a selfie!)

 You can find them here:
Quicksaw Farm
Fulwood Lane
Ringinglow Village
S10 4LH

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