Friday, August 28

Life: Happy Birthday Me

I turned 20 on Tuesday - yes I can't quite believe it myself! Having just returned from America I thought my birthday would be a bit of a let down but I ended up having a lovely day with my parents - sadly my brother is on holiday at the moment.
Here's a few photos from my day (my camera had died from such heavy usage on my holiday so these are just some iPhone snaps). We picked up my cake - which just made me miss my holiday more and also made me want to go on a diet! We then hopped on a train to Birmingham for tea and a giant scone at Boston Tea Party before meeting my dad. We bought tickets to see A Man From U.N.C.L.E at the Electric Cinema. I've been wanting to try this cinema for ages and although we didn't end up getting the sofa seats because it seemed a bit overpriced compared to standard I still managed to wangle a cocktail. I would really recommend the film, I didn't quite know what to expect as I hadn't seen a trailer or any reviews but I really enjoyed it. Our stomachs were grumbling after so pizza was needed at Zizzi's before home for cake.

Friday, August 21

Flashback Friday: Prague & Berlin 2013

Next up on our travels was Prague followed by Berlin. I absolutely loved both cities - Berlin is somewhere I'd love to go back to as I feel like we only scratched the surface, there is so much to see and do!

Wednesday, August 19

DIY: Wall Hanging Banner

In an effort to begin decorating my room after painting it months ago I've been on the search for cheap decor to brighten up the cream. I've seen these banners all over pinterest and figured it would be pretty easy to make my own.


Friday, August 14

Flashback Friday: Budapest & Krakow 2013

If you've read this post, you'll know I went interrailing a couple of years ago with a group of school friends. I didn't have a blog at the time, a fact I really regret, so I wanted to put together the photos as a little memento to look back on.
Thanks to Liv for the photos as she was our shutterbug and took so many pictures which I'm forever grateful for as my iPhone photos don't do it justice.

Monday, August 10

Food: My Favourite Cookery Books

I've got to admit a lot of the recipes I use these days are found online but a cookery book is one of my most simple pleasures in life. I love flicking through them to gather inspiration. Oh and you might notice there's a baking theme - that's where my heart is.


Friday, August 7

Flashback Friday: Vancouver and Victoria 2013

As promised some pictures from my travels in Vancouver and Victoria after our Grand American Adventure trip back in 2013. Vancouver is now one of my favourite cities as it has such a relaxed vibe and the backdrop of snow topped mountains is unbeatable. We didn't realise quite how far away Victoria was from mainland Vancouver - distances seem so different compared to the UK! We went whale watching and managed to see a couple of tails and some seals but possibly wasn't their most successful trip. Our last day in Vancouver also coincided with the Pride parade which was brilliant - #loveislove.

Wednesday, August 5

Travel: My Travel Bucket List

Whilst I'm ticking off a major one right now, the West Coast of America, I thought I'd share some other places I would love to go to in the not too distant future. Better get saving!
I've been really lucky to have travelled to some many places including the East Coast of America, West Coast of Canada, Florida and various bits of Europe. I've tried to narrow it down as the list goes on and on in my head.
New Zealand
I'm currently unsure what I want to do after I graduate and am tempted to take a year out and get a job in New Zealand, who's with me? (/who wants to fund me? ha) I primarily want to go so I can visit Hobbiton!

Monday, August 3

Interiors: Homeware Wishlist

With a new university room to decorate and having yet to decorate my room at home after I repainted it earlier in the year I put together a wishlist of home things that would work perfectly. Copper/Rose Gold appears to be a major theme in this. I really want to get some house plants, maybe ones I won't easily kill when I forget to water for them..

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