Tuesday, September 29

Life: My Week #1

Posts have been few and far between the last few weeks but the feedback on my Trek posts was so nice so thank you! Getting my phone stolen and then moving back for my third year of university and freshers has been crazy. With minimal scheduled hours actually at university this semester I'm not sure I'm going to know what to do with myself - well except all that work.
My first week back was actually one of my favourite weeks of the year, I popped back to all my favourite cafes and went on my favourite nights out with my closest friends. I polished it off with accidentally catching minor freshers flu so I'm currently feeling sorry for myself. As you can see food was a heavy feature in the past week and long may it continue - I've joined the gym to counteract this!
Steam Yard

Friday, September 18

Travel: Trek America Days 11 - 14

Hello San Francisco! We spent far too long taking pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge which meant we were late back to the van - oops! After checking into the hotel we headed down to Pier 39 to see the sea lions and get on our sunset cruise. It was incredible and apparently we had the perfect weather for it as usually it's too foggy to see anything. This was one of my favourite parts of the trip and by this point we'd become a little family. The next day we went on a tour with Urban Adventures around China Town which was included in our trek which was really interesting as it showed us things we'd have usually just walked on by - we bought a lot of fortune cookies. We then walked up Lombard Street - never will I complain about Sheffield's hills again!

Monday, September 14

Travel: Trek America Days 8 - 10

Up next was a stop off at the hottest place on earth - Death Valley. When we arrived it was a balmy (i.e. BOILING) 114°F or 45.5°C! We travelled a bit further to set up camp in a slightly cooler area outside of Death Valley where Emily and I found our tent to be absolutely soaked after the torrential downpour in the Grand Canyon, thankfully it dried out in time for us to sleep in!

Thursday, September 10

Travel: Trek America Days 4 - 7

Next up on our trip was the most breathtaking, The Grand Canyon. I can't even explain the scale of this place and I know we only saw a small part of it. Our trek leader decided to blindfold us so that he could reveal it to us all at the same time which may have been the cheesiest thing ever was actually a pretty epic way to do it even though there were a lot of people laughing at us.
On the way we stopped at Seligman on Route 66, where the inspiration for Cars the movie came from and had an incredible burger and Oreo milkshake from SnowCap which also has some hilarious staff.

Monday, September 7

Travel: Trek America Days 1 - 3

Today marks the start of the posting about my Trek America trip that I went on in August.
A little bit about Trek America if you haven't heard about it, you can choose from a variety of trips around America and Canada on their website and travel in a group of up to 14, 18-38 year olds in a mini bus. Most people travel alone although I chose to go with my friend Emily who I've known all my life (this was our first holiday together though!)
The trip began at the LAX Custom Hotel where we all met each other and our trek leader at 7.30am. After introductions and admin we drove into Hollywood to take some snaps at the Chinese Theatre and of the Hollywood sign. Emily and I had already spent 3 days in LA previously so we felt like tour guides as we knew the places to go. We were given about an hour before hopping back onto the bus and straight into LA traffic.

Friday, September 4

Flashback Friday: Hamburg & Amsterdam 2013

We only spent an evening in Hamburg hence the lack of doing hardly anything except for eating a hamburger (hehe). We then spent an entire day on various trains on route to Amsterdam and had to navigate ourselves to our campsite! Amsterdam was a final destination :(
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