Thursday, September 10

Travel: Trek America Days 4 - 7

Next up on our trip was the most breathtaking, The Grand Canyon. I can't even explain the scale of this place and I know we only saw a small part of it. Our trek leader decided to blindfold us so that he could reveal it to us all at the same time which may have been the cheesiest thing ever was actually a pretty epic way to do it even though there were a lot of people laughing at us.
On the way we stopped at Seligman on Route 66, where the inspiration for Cars the movie came from and had an incredible burger and Oreo milkshake from SnowCap which also has some hilarious staff.

We spent two nights at the Grand Canyon which meant we were able to complete a hike on our full day there down to Ooh Aah Point.
Then it was time for Las Vegas. Stopping off at Hoover Dam on the way which less exciting than I first thought and not something I'd necessarily recommend. Vegas went by in a bit of a blur after a party bus and celebrating Emily's birthday at midnight. We then just explored the strip on our free day after a lie in, I can't tell you how good it was to be in a hotel after the torrential rain we left in the Grand Canyon!
Check back soon for the next part of our trip!

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