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2015 | A Year in Review

I thought I'd take a look back at what's happened over the past year. Grab a cup of tea/coffee/water.. this is a long one.
I think January mainly consisted of revision and exams which isn't much fun at all. It was also my Grandad's funeral which was a heart wrenching day but also full of so much love. I did take a trip down to London with one of my friends to break it up a bit, I'm pretty sure it just consisted of me eating my body weight in giant cookies from Borough Market. It also snowed at the end of January/beginning of February so I took a bit of revision break to make snow angels with my housemate - the only one that didn't hate snow!
I went to Dublin with two of my housemates at the start of February straight after my first lot of second year exams were over. I would love to go back again, it was such a gorgeous city. When I was home for ANOTHER brace appointment, I popped to Leamington Spa with my mum and explored the many gorgeous independent cafes that they have. Being at Sheffield Uni isn't complete if you haven't had a Notty house pie (must. go. back. soon.)
For Mother's Day I took my Mum out for afternoon tea in Sheffield. I saw my favourites (McBusted) for the second time. I think I've seen Mcfly live 7 times?! (sssh, sorry not sorry.) I also hosted a Coffee Morning for The Neuroblastoma Society (now Neuroblastoma UK) at the beginning of the Easter holidays which was so much fun so would love to be able to do that again next year. I may have to as my brother has decided he is running the London Marathon for them.

I took up running in the Easter holidays and managed to keep it going when I got back to Sheffield. Before I headed back to Sheffield, I spent a weekend in the Peak District, in Longnor (with no internet or phone signal unintentionally!)

I went to my first Peddlr Market with my housemate and ate all the donuts, despite the rain. My housemate celebrated her birthday, I ate so much cake that day! The rest of May was spent revising and planning my American adventure with Em. I also ombred my hair towards the end of the month - it's still going strong at the very ends!
The first half of June was spent taking my second lot of exams for second year which went on far too long! After finishing we took a trip to see the Alpacas in Mayfield and remained completely in denial that we'd be going into third year very soon. I also got my braces off when I got home, after 26 months I was pretty chuffed and have now completely forgotten what it felt like to have a mouth of metal.
I got into a bit of a blogging roll in July as I'd got back from finishing my second year at University and had a bit too much time on my hands. I took a trip to London to visit one of my friends who had just started her placement.
August was incredible - I spent most of it across the pond exploring the West Coast of America and then flying over to the East Coast of Canada. I turned 20 which made me feel pretty strange as I'm no longer a teenager!

I moved back to Sheffield for my final year, (after an eventful night in Birmingham where I had my phone stolen :( ) we have such a lovely house this year and I love how I've decorated my room. I also became a bit of a gym bunny as I decided to join our university gym, which although slightly expensive does have all the equipment you could wish for.
This month was one of my favourites alongside August, 2 of my friends turned 21 and my cousin got married. I wrote a whole post about October as so much was going on.
I visited my fave in York for all the food and life chats. I took a week off university (reading week!) in November to take some time out at home. It was well needed and I returned to the north refreshed and ready to crack on with the rest of the semester. I think it was the cocktails... I then went to visit my brother in his new digs in London and met up with one of my old housemates.
I attended my first blogger meet up (#LeedsXmasMeet) at the start of December which was so lovely and I met some great people. We had a bit of rocky news in the family but I managed to retain some Christmas spirit. I went to the Christmas Markets in Manchester before I came home to celebrate with my family. December was a bit of an odd one for our family but it's not something I really want to go into here but I was very thankful to be spending Christmas Day at home with my mum, dad and brother.
It's been so nice to look back at the year, it's made me realise I've done more than I thought! Let's hope 2016 is filled with lots of new memories, I'm excited (and very nervous) about what's to come this year, bring it on!
What happened in your 2015? What are you looking forward to in 2016?

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