Tuesday, December 22

Life: Manchester Christmas Markets

Okay, so I used to really hate Christmas Markets but lately I've rekindled my love for them. Yes it's all a bit overpriced but you can't deny there is a lovely atmosphere that definitely makes you feel festive.

Last week I popped along to Manchester with a few of my friends to check out their market. Having been Birmingham born and bred I've become quite used to going there every year. I was actually in Birmingham a couple of weeks ago but it was a Saturday afternoon and so so busy that I just couldn't stand it. It was relatively calm in Manchester, maybe the smattering of rain had put people off and the fact it was a Tuesday night, not everyone's chosen night to visit.
After a little wander we all chose a traditional Bratwurst followed by some mulled wine. It was amusing to see they were using last year's mugs, I don't know whether this will become a regular occurrence.
What I loved about the Manchester markets was the massive array of choice of food but also stalls. It's spread out right across the city so feels a lot bigger than the one in Birmingham. I decided on some apple strudel with custard which filled me up quite sufficiently.
I think Manchester may become my new favourite for Christmas Markets but shush don't tell Brum.


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