Monday, December 28

Life: My Christmas Day

Hello! Seems ages since I've sat down and written a blog post, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! Mine was filled with so much food and I'm definitely in denial that it's actually over. My Christmas Day was pretty chilled as it was only my parents and my brother. The past couple of years we've had various things going on (this year was no exception) and opted for a quiet christmas with just the four of us.
We started the day with poached eggs and smoked salmon after my brother finally dragged himself out of bed (feeling a bit worse for ware as he may have been at the pub the night before!) We moved onto coffee and opening presents whilst listening to Christmas music as is tradition in our house. I was incredibly lucky and received some really thoughtful gifts as well as a couple of things I asked for. I also gave my dad a huge box with a picture of the TV I won in a competition. I win at Christmas. 

Afterwards, Mum and I moved on to preparing all the food. And boy, there was a lot of food. I decided to mix it up a bit with the sprouts and followed Jamie Oliver's recipe that I'd seen the night before and shredded them with bacon and sage. An excellent alternative but I did sort of miss having the real thing. 
Let's not forget I apparently hadn't had enough food as than made myself a huge plate of cheese later in the day, stuffed. We finished the day by watching the Doctor Who Christmas special and Call the Midwife with a major food baby. 
My Uncle and Aunty are visiting after New Years' so it'll be like Christmas all over again which I'm definitely not complaining about. It's also my dad's birthday on the 5th Jan so the festivities will never stop.
What did you get up to over the Christmas period? 

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