Monday, January 25

Travel | My 2016 Lust List

I've got itchy feet again! (when do I not) Funnily enough revision gets even more boring when you think of all the places you'd rather be. I'm not totally sure whether I'll actually get to travel much this year as I need to start earning (and saving) some money for my big plans. I borrowed my brother's book from his South-Asian travels and pretty much want to go everywhere in there. I've added some slightly more accessible places too. Any how, a girl can dream...

Thursday, January 21

Beauty | Why Epilating is the way forward

I've found the answer people, the answer to all our shaving/waxing woes. Today, we're talking hair removal, who knew that was ever going to be a topic on my blog?! I just feel the need to spread the love for the epilator(/torture device).


Monday, January 18

Tips | How to sell on Ebay

You can sell practically anything on ebay. I've sold laptops, cameras and clothes but the opportunities are endless. January is usually the time we all have a massive clear out and I am no different. I thought I'd share some tips on how to sell on ebay successfully.


Friday, January 15

Sheffield | My Top 10 Places to Visit

I've spent over two years living in Sheffield and I feel like I know a little bit about what there is to do in the Steel City. I still have so much more to explore, and am determined to do so in my final few months before I graduate (scary stuff!). I thought I'd share my opinion of the top 10 places to visit in Sheffield. These are in no particular order by the way, I could never choose a favourite.

Monday, January 11

Life | A Student's Guide to Cooking for Yourself

I feel like everybody except me is back at university right now (out of choice, my exam isn't til 2nd February and I work better at home). So if you are one of those people that's back at university you may be in need of some tips, new semester new you? No more baked beans on toast for every meal. Living away from home comes with it's good and bad points, with freedom comes responsibility don't they say? It's not all bad though, cooking and planning can be fun if you let it be... I'm not so sure about the doing your own cleaning and washing bit though.


Friday, January 8

New in | A Stress Fuelled Shopping Haul

Apparently writing a dissertation and revising for an exam is quite stressful, who knew? Breaks seem to result in me ending up on the Topshop website (and a few others) and browsing for things I definitely don't need, although I did pick up this bargain of a striped dress which I ended up wearing on New Year's Eve. I've picked up a couple of other things post-christmas, only one thing actually being in the sale though.

Monday, January 4

Life | 2016 Goals

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Okay, yes I'm a little late, I totally intended to get this up on the 1st but a little too much alcohol may have prevented that. I started writing this way back in November as the thought of 2016 felt a while away and suddenly we're already in it. I haven't actually written any proper resolutions in a long time so here's just a few things I want to achieve this year.
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