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Sheffield | My Top 10 Places to Visit

I've spent over two years living in Sheffield and I feel like I know a little bit about what there is to do in the Steel City. I still have so much more to explore, and am determined to do so in my final few months before I graduate (scary stuff!). I thought I'd share my opinion of the top 10 places to visit in Sheffield. These are in no particular order by the way, I could never choose a favourite.

| Steamyard
I think my absolute favourite place for coffee has to be Steamyard, not only for their donuts supplied by The Depot Bakery but also the atmosphere. The staff are all lovely and accommodating. They also have a loyalty card scheme which I manage to forget every time I go in. So good I've blogged about it twice, here and here.
2 Division Street
This one's a bit of a cheat as this street probably contains another 10 of my favourite places. Home to two of my favourite gift shops, Moonko and Within Reason and many other cafes including the Lucky Fox this street is what Sheffield's all about, independent quality. (We'll ignore the stupid Taco Bell they've added much to disgust of the neighbours!) I love supporting local businesses and Division Street is the perfect place to do it.
3 | Marmadukes 
Okay so it wouldn't be my blog if I didn't mention more than one place for coffee in one blog post. I just really like coffee okay. Tucked away in the city centre, home of the perfect latte art and yummy treats, I absolutely love it here. Their cheesecakes are divine.
4 Peddler Market 
Their trial of a new location on Burton Road in Kelham Island led to a massive improvement, in my opinion of Peddler Market. More space, more seating and more stalls has made the experience much more appealing. I've so far been to three of their markets since they started in 2014. Post about their Arundel street location. 
5 | Winter Gardens and the Millennium Galleries
If you want some tropical temperatures whilst you're in Sheffield, the Winter Gardens are probably your best bet. I also really like the gift shop at the Millennium Galleries so thought it deserved a shout out.

6 |  The Great Gatsby
Cocktails and mexican food, you can't really go wrong can you? Well unless you're mad and don't like either of these things. In all seriousness, they do some fab cocktails and have recently opened a new bar upstairs, Daisy's bar for a more relaxed affair.
7 | Jameson's Tea Rooms
The best cakes (and selection) I've managed to find during my time in Sheffield. I had a wonderful afternoon tea with my mum which left us full to the brim but also went for my friend's birthday and trialled their main menu (followed by cake obviously). They also have an extensive selection of tea which will probably take you about an hour to decide upon.
8 | Showroom Cinema
Positioned right next to the train station, Showroom is an independent cinema that shows pretty much all new films and often some lesser known ones usually at a cheaper price than the Odeon down the road.
9 Alyssum Cafe
Situated in an area that seems to consist of 80% students, Alyssum is probably the smallest cafe in Sheffield. This definitely adds to its appeal, making it a perfect warm hideaway for people watching on a rainy day. I've trialled brunch, lunch and cake so I feel I am fully justified to comment on its excellence.
10 | Botanical Gardens
I spent a lot of time here in my first year but I seem to have forgotten about it's existence since. I'm putting this on my list as a reminder to myself get back there. The area is lovely for a walk or a picnic (when the weather gets above 15 degrees). I've also heard great things about the cafe in the gardens.

After writing this post I kept thinking of so many more places that didn't get a mention so a few honourable mentions go to Weston Park for the museum and park, The Leadmill for music events, Craft & Dough for excellent pizza and The Wick at Both Ends for quality food and cocktails. Oh and just outside of Sheffield you can find Mayfield Alpacas which I've written a whole post about.

Do you live in or have you visited Sheffield? Where are your favourite places?

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