Monday, January 18

Tips | How to sell on Ebay

You can sell practically anything on ebay. I've sold laptops, cameras and clothes but the opportunities are endless. January is usually the time we all have a massive clear out and I am no different. I thought I'd share some tips on how to sell on ebay successfully.

1 | Postage costs. Far too often I see clothing items with £5 and up postage costs. The maximum I have charged for P&P on clothing items is £3 and electricals £5.

2 | Make sure you are selling something that people want to buy. That dress that cost you £2 from Primark is unlikely to sell for more than £2 so is it worth it? I have been surprised sometimes by putting things on that I totally didn't expect anybody to be interested in because i'd fallen out of love with it, I guess that is the point of eBay after all. But realistically if it's falling apart it's probably not worth your time to list it.

3 | Don't sell heavy items if you aren't prepared to charge extra postage. It's not worth selling a jumper for 99p if you've only charged £3 postage. Either up the postage or send it to the charity shop if you really don't want it anymore.

4 | Relist button is your friend. Things don't always sell the first time but if you have the opportunity to realist, do it as you never know who might see it next time.

5 | Post quickly. I'm lucky to only live a 5 minute walk from my local Post Office so often if somebody pays at a random time of the day I can pop down and get it posted to them. All about that good feedback (see below).

6 | Feedback. I aim to give feedback straight after I've posted so that when their item arrives they'll give me mine.

Hope you enjoyed this post.
Have you sold on ebay before? What are your tips for getting rid of things?

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