Monday, January 25

Travel | My 2016 Lust List

I've got itchy feet again! (when do I not) Funnily enough revision gets even more boring when you think of all the places you'd rather be. I'm not totally sure whether I'll actually get to travel much this year as I need to start earning (and saving) some money for my big plans. I borrowed my brother's book from his South-Asian travels and pretty much want to go everywhere in there. I've added some slightly more accessible places too. Any how, a girl can dream...

Ever since we didn't get to go here when we were interrailing back in 2013 due to not having enough time/money I've been dreaming about going. Ideally I would I want to spend a couple of weeks exploring the whole of Croatia as there's so many places I want to go.

This has been sold to me for so many reasons. There is so much history in Vietnam and it sounds like a fascinating and moving place. Also the food is something I really want to discover more about after trying Pho (which I know is nothing compared to the real thing!).

Bali, Indonesia
For some reason Indonesia has come onto my radar recently, my brother didn't actually go when he was travelling but it looks like such a beautiful place. I just want to lie on a beach right now.

I'm a Geographer and this has a lot going for it, volcanoes, hot springs etc. I learnt a lot about Iceland in my Geography A Level and ever since I've been dying to go. Wouldn't it be lovely if I managed to see the Northern Lights too.

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What's on your travel wish list? Have you been to any of these places? 

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