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For what feels like all the time I've been in education, I've had exams in January so I've spent most of it revising. This year was no exception with a dissertation due on the 5th February and exam on the 2nd, there's not been much room to have some fun. I did manage to fit a few things in though, here's what I got up to in January...

1 | My best friend turned 21. I've known Peter all my life and although we haven't been close for all those 21 years, drifting in and out of similar friendship groups, he's been a constant for the past 5 years, constantly gossiping over coffee and cake. I went to visit him at his uni to celebrate with him, coffee, wagamamas, followed by too much tequila on a night out.

2 | I hit 100 bloglovin followers. I did a little squeal when I went over the 100 mark, I know blogging shouldn't be about numbers but it's been really nice getting so much nice feedback from people with comments and tweets. So I just want to say a massive thank you to all of you as it brightened up a pretty gloomy January.

3 | Hathersage Social Club. When my parents dropped me off, we decided to head into the Peak District (accidentally ending up on the M6 Toll!!). This had popped on my radar a couple of times. It was honestly one of the best meals I had in January, their waffles are worth a visit alone but I absolutely loved my 'Hangover Brunch' - roasted toms, mushrooms in a creamy sauce, crispy bacon, black pudding and the most amazing mashed potato called Aligot. The staff were also exceptionally lovely and welcoming. Someone take me back.

4 | New clothes. I've been pretty restraint with my spending lately because well, the real life awaits soon and I need to save for any eventualities. You may have seen my stress haul earlier in the month which resulted in many baths. I also picked up the Topshop tee in the sale for a mere £6 and I love it. Finally I got some jogging bottoms from H&M last week and I don't know how I have lived so long without them. They are the comfiest piece of clothing in the world.

5 | Writing my dissertation. 10,000 words was extremely daunting when I first set out way back when. But I have finally made it (I think), due to be submitted later this week after a final edit and check through. Scary stuff.

I'm hoping February is slightly more exciting, I have a few things planned so fingers crossed!
What have you been up to this month?
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