Friday, February 12

My Blog Goals for 2016

Apparently I've decided that the New Year starts now in terms of my blog so decided to set myself some goals to go alongside it. So moving on from the personal goals that I posted in January I thought I'd write some down that were related to the blog.

Comment, comment, comment
I love letting people know I enjoyed a blog post, liked their outfit etc etc. but I definitely didn't do it enough last year. This year I'm going to make a more conscious effort to either write on blog posts or send a tweet here and there. It definitely makes  my day when I get nice feedback so it would be nice to make somebody else's.

Attend blog events
I went to my first blog event at the end of last year, Leeds Xmas Meet. It was honestly so much fun and really lovely to meet loads of new people and put blogs with real life people. I really want to go to some more this year and make some actual blogging friends. I'll be keeping my eye out on twitter etc, to see what's going on this year but do let me know of any that are coming up.

Improve my photography
As touched on in my 2016 goals post at the start of January, I want to improve my photography, this is not only for my blog but also because I have a camera that I don't utilise enough.

Numbers game 
As we all know numbers aren't everything but my social media platforms are something I really want to grow in 2016 and I've been trying harder to be more active on them. Some of these might be a bit of stretch who knows, it's very difficult to know where I'll be by the end of this year but nonetheless I would love to achieve these. I find Instagram the hardest to grow as it seems to be all about 'themes' now (which I'm just not very good at sticking to).

1 | 300 Bloglovin followers.

2 | 700 Twitter followers.

3 | 300 Instagram followers.

So there's my blogging goals for this year, they took me a while to decide on, hence how late they are.
Do you have any blogging goals this year? 

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