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Life | March Snippets

So blogging in March went well didn't it... oops. I'm not totally sure what I spent most of March doing until I went on my field trip. But I'm finally back home for my Easter holidays so I'm currently catching up on sleep.

1 | Lucky Fox Shakes. Earlier this month we got our exam results for January (still waiting for dissertation results, eek!), we celebrated with lunch at the Lucky Fox which I'm pretty sure I've mentioned before. Their fried chicken is the bomb but a new addition to their menu was the Lucky Fox shake, a strawberry ice cream milkshake with cream, brownie pieces and topped with a doughnut. Incredible.

2 | Field trip to Lesvos. The end of March I headed to Lesvos, a Greek island very close to Turkey for a field trip. I'm still recovering as it was such an incredible trip. You have probably heard of Lesvos, the current refugee crisis has directly impacted the island for over a year, although our work on the island wasn't completely related to the crisis it evidently had an influence on the work we then produced. I'm really struggling to describe the trip to friends and family but maybe a blog post will appear at some point. It was incredibly powerful and all the staff involved did an amazing job putting it all together.

3 | Making new friends. Cringe alert, but even though I went on my field trip with two of my close friends I had the opportunity to meet loads of new people on my course I hadn't really spoken to before. I only wish our field trip had been sooner as we are all graduating in a couple of months.

4 | Reading. There were a lot of long coach journeys during our trip, although most of them were spent sleeping due to early mornings and late nights, I also managed to read two books. Elephant Moon and A Man Called Ove. I completely adored both books. Elephant Moon, based around a true story of WWII where a herd of elephants rescued people from Burma but focuses on a group of young school children. A Man Called Ove is an uplifting tale of a man who feels redundant in life but new people help to change his opinion, it had a mixture of humour and sadness that kept me gripped throughout a four hour plane journey.

I'm super grateful as my bloglovin' followers has still been increasing and I'm now super close to 200 followers. Thanks for sticking with me!
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