Friday, April 22

Food Review | Adam Handling at Caxton

If you recall last week's post, I mentioned Mum and I met up with a friend for lunch. Booked through bookatable, which I was totally unaware of before but it is great at finding great deals for loads of restaurants. The week before we had a little look and settled on Adam Handling at Caxton, 3 courses, glass of wine and petit fours for £32pp.

Monday, April 18

Recipe | Thyme Cheese Scones #CTGrowYourOwn

It has been so long since I've done a lot of baking, let alone a recipe post. I've gone savoury for once which is so unlike me. Cheese scones just remind me of that bit on Miranda where Gary makes savoury muffins and Miranda is so disgusted by the thought but alas I thought I would give savoury scones a go.
As part of the Cotton Traders Grow your own campaign I was sent a herb kit which included seeds for sage, basil and thyme plants. I have so little success with these herb kits so I'm hoping this attempt at growing may go slightly better!
After my mum had a rather successful homemade afternoon tea last week I decided to steal her recipe for the scones.

Friday, April 15

Life | London Birthday Celebrations

If you've been following me on instagram (shameless plug!) you may have noticed I took a little trip to London last week. We initially went to celebrate my brother's birthday but Mum and I managed to turn it into quite a mammoth trip and also managed to meet up with one of her friends for lunch. Even though I lugged my camera round for the two days we were there I forgot to actually use it and ended up taking a lot of pictures on my phone.


Wednesday, April 13

New in | Spring Box of Lame

Ever since I had my last box of lame just before Christmas I've been eager for the release of the next one. I was away when they were first released but I managed to grab myself one once I got back. I forgot to take a picture of the box when it arrived as I'd just got back from a very long trip to London so I practically ripped it open with excitement. I managed to retain the maltesers for the photos but they got eaten pretty swiftly afterwards.
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