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Food Review | Adam Handling at Caxton

If you recall last week's post, I mentioned Mum and I met up with a friend for lunch. Booked through bookatable, which I was totally unaware of before but it is great at finding great deals for loads of restaurants. The week before we had a little look and settled on Adam Handling at Caxton, 3 courses, glass of wine and petit fours for £32pp.
The restaurant situated at St Ermin's Hotel is headed by Adam Handling, finalist of Masterchef: The Professionals 2013 and British Chef of the Year 2014. It's absolutely beautiful inside, plush seating and lovely decor - I failed to actually get a picture but you can see it on their website.
We started with bread which I think if I remember correctly was a whole round of fresh sourdough, delicious as it was we weren't given a knife to cut it with so it turned into a tear and share - I noticed other tables got individual bread per person which I think would have been better. It was served with flavoured butter and olive oil - the butter was incredible but none of us could remember what the waiter had said it was flavoured with.
My starter was the Smoked pork which tasted exactly like slow cooked ham hock which perfectly suited the pineapple that accompanied it. There was probably an excessive amount of parmesan with this, seeing as there wasn't much sauce to soak it up but other than that I really enjoyed it.
For main, I had the Hake. The fish was perfectly cooked but I was let down by the accompaniments which essentially tasted like mashed potato - it was really nice but I found it a bit un-inspiring.

Dessert, I settled on chocolate because the other options didn't appeal. I don't usually go for chocolate desserts as I find them too rich but I think I picked well as the other deserts were a bit odd.
With our coffee we were bought over the petit fours which included macarons and chocolates. I'm not a massive macaron fan (do not understand the hype) but they were probably some of the best I've tried.
Overall, we all really enjoyed our meal and I think with a few tweaks it could be perfect. Oh and I do wish "fancy" restaurants would write more descriptive titles for their food.

Adam Handling at Caxton
2 Caxton Street
(nearest tube is St James' Park)

*We (thanks Mum) paid for our meal and they didn't know I was planning on reviewing it. All opinions my own - with a few comments from the company. 

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