Tuesday, May 17

#LushEthics Sheffield Blogger Event

Last week I was very kindly invited to the latest Lush event in Sheffield. I was so excited when the email popped in my inbox, I've been so jealous of everyone who's got to go to them elsewhere.
The event was mainly based around their naked products and the reduction in packaging they've managed to achieve. It was incredible to hear how much plastic has been reduced by selling everything with no packaging. I was also so impressed with all the staff's knowledge and passion surrounding the brand.
There were a number of things to get involved in around the store, first we had a personal perfume consultation with one of the many lovely assistants at the store. I was asked to describe how I wanted to feel when wearing a perfume and three were picked for me to then choose from. After smelling (and loving!) them all, I settled on All Good Things as my favourite. I've already added this to my birthday wish list, it smells divine.
After moving onto the Emotional Brilliance makeup area we were asked to close our eyes and pick the colours we were drawn to first. I forgot to get a picture of the colours but the words used to describe them were Perspective, Success & Confident (I think!). The colours are beautiful and can be used anywhere you like as demonstrated by the striking blue colour the assistant was wearing.

Afterwards Sye taught us how to make our very own butterball which I'm looking forward to using once I go home as I unfortunately don't have a bath here (#studentprobz). Here's Bev and I posing with our bombs *insert sassy emoji here*
We sampled the food next with some fabulous provisions from Humpit Hummus (divine, I can't wait to head there soon) and some delicious vegan cupcakes, which I'm still dreaming about.

If it couldn't get any better, there was an amazing goodie bag to follow which was all personalised. After finding out my hair and skin type, Samm chose for me, the Jason and Argan Oil Solid Shampoo (which FYI I already love, having tried it already), the Rub Rub Body Scrub, Movis Facial Soap and an Each Peach Massage Bar for good measure.
I was very restrained and managed to not dig out my purse at the end but I know I'll be back in to treat myself after exams are over.
So I just wanted to say a massive thank you to all the staff at the event, Samm, Sye, Becki, Gabi, Fi and Sophie. Hopefully I've remembered you all! Also, massive thanks to the girls I was chatting to all night, it was so lovely to spend time with you!

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