Friday, June 3

Life | May Snippets

May was an extremely stressful month for me - final month of my undergraduate degree(!) but I managed to fit in a bit of fun, here's what I got up to in May...

1 | Pretty Muddy 5K at Rother Valley Country Park. One of my flatmates from first year sent me a message a couple of months ago asking whether I would be interested in the Pretty Muddy, knowing it wasn't a proper race where I would actually have to run I immediately said yes! It was loads of fun and the weather was scorching which meant we definitely didn't run.
2 | First Lush event. Not only was this my first Lush event but also my first brand event, I went to a meet up before Christmas but I was super happy when the Lush invite landed in my inbox. You can read more about the event here, I had such a good time (I'm hoping once I move back to Birmingham there will be more I can attend!)
3 | Coffee dates and travel planning. I have so many travel plans up in the air and I really want to get some concrete plans in place.
4 | End of Year Ball. We had our last ever ball at University for Geography and it was so much fun. The night went so quickly and I wish it had gone on for so much longer (I also wish my heels weren't so painful!)
5 | I FINISHED UNIVERSITY. This is definitely the biggest thing that happened in May, after a very quick week of exams and essay hand ins, I walked out of an exam hall for the final time (for a while anyway!) on May 26th. I then finally picked up my dissertation result and popped home for bank holiday weekend as all my friends don't finish until the week after!

So I'm not totally sure what's to come in the coming months as I attempt to find my way in this scary world. Hopefully there will be a bit more regular blogging although I have a bit of writer's block at the moment.
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