Friday, May 19

New Zealand Travel Diaries #4 | River Valley & Wellington

River Valley
After leaving Taupo we stopped for a 2 hour return hike to stretch our sore muscles from the Tongariro Crossing the day before. We then had quite a long drive ahead of us before reaching our next destination, River Valley Adventure Lodge. This is best known for it's grade five white water rafting which you could take part in the next morning if you so desired. There was no wifi or phone reception at the lodge and accommodation was a 32 bed dorm room so naturally we all made good use of the bar that evening. There was also a roast dinner available which I've heard is fantastic but a group of us clubbed together to make a risotto accompanied by a lot of wine (obviously).

Luckily the next morning wasn't a ridiculously early start - unless you had signed up to white water rafting and our sore heads were grateful. I would definitely recommend getting a coffee and whatever cake they have on offer at the lodge - the cookies were incredible. We drove to Wellington stopping off at Bulls for food on the way. We didn't arrive until about 7pm and the bus leaves super early to catch the ferry to the South Island the next day, luckily I managed to book an extra day. This is something else to consider if you have the time. I managed to cram in a lot whilst I was in Wellington, including a walk up Mount Victoria to see a view of the whole city and its suburbs and a wander around the Te Papa Museum which had so much to see, including an incredible WW1 exhibition and the largest squid to ever be found in the ocean.

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