Friday, June 2

A 2 week interrail itinerary for Eastern Europe

Way back at the beginning of August last year I was seriously craving getting away, having just finished university and starting my temp job (who by the way were super nice to let me have 2 weeks off after only being there for 2 weeks!) and luckily I had another friend with a plan. This was my first trip where I wasn't in complete control which I've got to say was quite difficult for the control freak within me. I've also got to admit I had no interest with going/no clue these places existed. As I'm never one to turn down a holiday I took the risk and although not as relaxing as I wanted it was still so much fun and so cool to explore some new places.
I'm calling this an inter-rail trip but we actually ended up getting more buses than trains due to the access round the countries we went to so we didn't buy a pass like the one I got for Western Europe.
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