Friday, November 10

Where to go in Vietnam | Our 3 week itinerary

Continuing our 11 week journey around South East Asia, from Phnom Penh we booked a bus to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). It pretty much took up the whole day and our e-visas caused a lot more hassle than they were worth, especially as it had taken us SO long to get them. But we persevered and finally made it to a very noisy and busy Ho Chi Minh City.


Monday, November 6

Where to go in Cambodia | Our 2 week itinerary

I have finally returned from 11 weeks in South East Asia. I actually got back over a month ago but have been manically applying for jobs and just generally trying to sort my life out. It already feels like none of this ever happened so it was really good to refresh my memory by looking back at my pictures and chatting to my travel buddy about all the crazy things that happened but only we understand. But enough about that, here is my 2 week itinerary for Cambodia...

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