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Travel | 7 Websites & Apps you need for SE Asia

I may have mentioned a few times I spent 11 weeks in SE Asia, what you didn't know? Maybe you should read this post, oh and this post and then you'll be caught up... I'm breaking up the travel itinerary/what we got up to posts with a list of the best apps and websites that were so incredibly helpful whilst we were away.

1 | Trip Advisor - I honestly don't know what we would have done without it for food recommendations everywhere we went - we soon realised our main priority was food after eating one too many questionable meals. It was also helpful for tours and other activities we were looking at doing to see whether they were worth both our time and money.

2 | Hostelworld - the majority of accommodation we booked was through Hostelworld - my mind is still boggled that a night's stay cost less than £3 in some parts of Cambodia.

3 | Movetocambodia.com - Obviously country dependent - but this was so helpful for when we were in Cambodia. We used this website a lot for assessing our transport options - a lot of the different bus companies have been reviewed so you can usually find a decent and reputable one to take you from place to place. Aimed at Expats, it also has tonnes of tips about what to do in each city.

4 | Maps.Me - honestly this was an absolute life saver and one we only discovered a week or two in to Cambodia. You can download maps of an entire country before you arrive to use offline and plot routes etc, much like Google maps but a much easier interface and takes up a lot less room. You can also save locations, pop your hostel on there before you arrive so you know where you're heading. LIFESAVER

5 | Google Sheets - we pooled our money and got a spreadsheet #adulting. It was great to keep track of exactly what we were spending and made sure we never were too fussy about owing each other £1.23 - pop it on the spreadsheet.

6 | Monzo - if you don't have a Monzo card, you need to get one in your life. It's really handy for budgeting and telling you exactly what you've spent the moment you've spent it.

7 | Instagram - because everyone wants to see your perfect beach shot, duh! Also helpful for finding different things to do on the local instagram story. If you wanted to catch up on my life, you can do so here.
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Are you heading anywhere soon? Have you been to South East Asia?

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